Absorption Food Trays

Cibapac is one of the leading producers of polystyrene food trays in South Africa. As part of our continuous improvement drive our technical and innovation team has re-engineered the Cibapac absorption tray range to improve the absorption characteristics of the tray.

Improved absorption was the key factor and in order to achieve this we re-designed the micro piercing pins to ensure that maximum absorption would take place and also that the liquids would be retained within the trays structure. The tray uses capillary forces to draw the excess liquids through the micro piercings and with the addition of a specialized additive we increased the internal cell sizes to ensure maximum fluid retention within the tray.

It is noted that most of the absorption trays available in the market today have been “light weighted”, however in doing so there has been a significant reduction in the absorption capacity of the product. This is not the case with the new re-designed Ciba absorption food tray.

Key Benefits and Features:

  • • Increases customer satisfaction by providing a Clean and Fresh look
  • • Up to 300% absorption achieved
  • • No more absorption liners required
  • • Increase consumer confidence through product hygiene
  • • Eliminate unwanted liquids in shopping bags and check out points
  • • Reduce overall packaging cost
  • • Trays are produced in a BRC certified production facility
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