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BRC Certification

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BRC Certification

Cibapac is proud to inform you that we have sustained our A grade certification against the BRC Global Standards for Packaging and Packaging Material and have also achieved certification against the ISO 18001:2007 for occupational health and safety requirements. Both standards are accepted internationally and provide the framework for rigorous and sustainable governance of quality, food safety and occupational health and safety practices. Specific benefits that stem from the two standards are listed below.

Certification to the BRC Packaging Standard:

  • ensures senior management commitment to product quality and safety,
  • verifies the delivery of consistent quality of both product and process,
  • proactively governs the risk of food safety hazards by elimination or effective control,
  • assists in exercising due diligence in respect of legal obligations,
  • helps provide protection to the consumer,
  • leads the company to sustainable continuous improvement,
  • builds company intellectual property.

The BSI 18001:2007 Standard provides the elements of occupational health and safety system that can be integrated with other systems. The system specifies requirements, that enables the organisation to develop and implement OHS policy and objectives that take both OHS risk and legislative requirements into account.

The system provides a review approach based on the PDCA* cycle in which the organisation must:

  • establish, implement processes that achieve OHS policy and objectives
  • review the effectiveness of the implemented processes
  • take action to improve the system performance and
  • demonstrate conformity of the system to the requirements of the 18001 standard.

Please take note of these respected Certificates. They are representative of our commitment to people safety, quality and food grade acceptable products.

With the introduction of the Consumer Act, in March 2011, these production quality standards are very important to our customers that deal with consumers.


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